MIRROR Kick-Off Meeting – Learning by Reflection

This week, a new EU Integrated Project in the technology-enhanced learning area has started with the kick-off meeting in Saarbr├╝cken: MIRROR (web site not yet online). While taking up results from previous projects (like those we at FZI have been involved in: xDELIA for capturing and exploitating affective state and MATURE on transitioning between individual, community/team, and organizational scope), the project targets especially those employee groups which have so far been neglected in technology enhanced learning because they do not primarily work on a computer at their desktop or with their laptop. This includes occupational groups like nurses or physicians. The most promising form of learning for them is reflection (not only for them as the MATURE study has found out), ranging from an individual, via the team level up to the organizational level.

We want to support this reflection process through contextualized capturing of learning experiences during everyday work activities, e.g., through mobile apps and sensors capturing affective state and allowing individual to annotate their experiences on entirely personal level. Aggregated experiences can be shared with others to support a group reflection process, the results of which should feed into an organizational reflection and improvement process.