Research Projects

ChampNet: Facilitation competence development and networking for addressing demographic change [2015-2018]
Senior researcher
 employid_opaque_shadow_medium EmployID: Scalable and cost-effective facilitation of professional identity transformation in public employment services [2014-2018]
(EU-IP, FP7, Technology-Enhanced Learning)
Proposal coordination, overall scientific coordination and senior researcher
 layers_medium_opaque Learning Layers: Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters [2012-2016]
(EU-IP, FP7, Technology-Enhanced Learning)
Proposal contribution, work package leader and senior researcher
MATURE: Continuous Social Learning in Knowledge Networks  [2008-2012]
(EU-IP, FP7, Technology-Enhanced Learning)
Proposal coordination and Scientific Coordinator
MIRROR: Learning by Reflection at the Workplace  [2010-2014]
(EU-IP, FP7, Technology-Enhanced Learning)
Proposal contribution and senior research
universAAL Universal Infrastructure for Ambient Assisted Living [2010-2014]
(EU-IP, FP7, Ambient Assisted Living)
Senior researcher on ontology-based context modeling
myUI Synergistic user modeling for adaptive interfaces for users with disabilities [2010-2012]
(EU-STREP, FP7, eInclusion)
Senior researcher on ontology-based context modeling and adaptivity
SOPRANO Service-oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans [2007-2010]
(EU-IP, FP6, Ambient Assisted Living)
Senior researcher on ontology-based context modeling
Im Wissensnetz (In the Knowledge Web): crafting a social eScience Semantic Desktop (BMBF eScience)
Technical coordinator
AGENT-DYSL: Adaptive learning technologies for learners with dyslexia [2006-2009]
(EU-STREP, FP6, eInclusion)
Proposal contributor and senior researcher
Learning in Process: context-aware delivery of learning material in companies [2002-2005]
(EU-STREP, FP5, Technology-Enhanced Learning)
Proposal contributor, researcher and scientific co-coordination
CoastBase: European coastal and marine data warehouse [2000-2002]
(FP4, DG Environment)
Researcher and technical work package leader
UniCats: universal integration of catalogues based on an agent-supported trading and wrapping system (DFG)
Student researcher and programmer

I was further involved in the acquisition of FP6 projects IMAGINATION (Semantic Annotation of image archives), SORMA (Grid) and the national projects WAVES and NOKIS.


Since 2002, I have been an associate lecturer at the University of Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and I have been coordinating and giving a lecture on Information Integration and Web Portals.

At Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, I am currently teaching Knowledge & Competence Management and Technology Enhanced Learning as part of a master course in business information systems, and Enterprise Social Media, Mobile Business, and Modelling Information Systems in a bachelor course on business information systems.

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