MATURE Kick-Off Meeting at Karlsruhe

Judging from my inbox (more than 1.200 incoming and 700 outgoing mails), the project must have started quite some time ago, but it is actually only tomorrow that the MATURE IP is going to start. The preparation of the kick-off meeting at Karlsruhe has been a lot of work in which I was supported a lot by my colleague Simone Braun, but I’m now really looking forward to the next three days – the team spirit was already incredible at proposal stage. MATURE is about exciting topics, and I have received a lot of positive feedback on the ideas and approach we have at various occasions. So let’s start to make the ideas reality!

From FZI, we have issued a press release both in German and English, and you can find together with high resolution logo files under

… MATURE builds on the lessons of the failures of organisation-driven approaches to technology-enhanced learning and the success of community-driven approaches in the spirit of Web 2.0. MATURE leverages the intrinsic motivation of employees to engage in collaborative learning activities, and aims at combining it with a new technology-enhanced form of organisational guidance. For that purpose, MATURE conceives individual learning processes to be interlinked (the output of a learning process is input to others) in a knowledge maturing process in which knowledge changes in nature. This knowledge can take the form of classical (learning) content in varying degrees of maturity, but also involves knowledge about tasks and processes or semantic structures (including competence models). The goal of MATURE is to better understand this maturing process, based on a series of empirical studies, and to build tools and services to reduce maturing barriers. …