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Knowledge Maturing Model Landscape

Over the last five years, my research has focused on knowledge maturing, a macroscopical perspective on knowledge development that clearly points out that

  • knowledge (and associated learning processes) have different characteristics depending on the maturity of knowledge, which also helps to explain how different areas like creative and collaboration support, knowledge management, and e-learning and training, how formal and informal learning relate to each other
  • a knowledge development process is not continuous (as it should be), but is faced with various characteristic barriers between maturity phases

Together with various European partners (as part of the MATURE IP), we have created a thorough understanding of knowledge maturing, based on empirical studies (ethnographic, interview, case study) and participatory design processes (following a design-based research methodology). We have amalgamated this into a knowledge maturing model landscape. Based on the feedback we received and the experiences we made, we are also now offering a consulting and training offering with a network of experienced consultants.

All of this is now presented under a single point of access: There will be also a German speaking version under and Both versions are currently heavily under construction.

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