Successful second annual review for AGENT-DYSL

The last days I was at Brussels for the second annual AGENT-DYSL project review. AGENT-DYSL is about providing reading support for children with dyslexia.

It is always good to hear that your own work and of the team as a whole is appreciated. Instead of an exam situation, the project officer and the reviewers have managed to create an atmosphere of dialogue (almost) among peers where you can discuss ideas to improve system. That makes reviews much more effective as it can have really a positive impact on the project as an external advice, and you are much more likely to be convinced that reviewer comments really make sense and are not just to be followed because of the assymetry of power.

But the best thing about it was the summary 🙂

We recognized the technological excellence & hard work. The tool for reading appears almost as a game, not immediately demotivating as many other solutions for children.