Upcoming Competency Autumn

In October and November, I will present Christine Kunzmann‘s and my approach to competency-oriented human resource development to different audiences:

  • We were invited to present our ontology-driven approach to the HR-XML community at the Human Capital and Social Innovation Summit 2007 in Maastricht on October 17, 2007. There is a special session (organized by the Ontology Outreach Advisory), exploring the potential of semantics and competency frameworks for the future evolution of HR-XML. My talk will especially focus on competency relationships.
  • At the eChallenges 2007 in Den Haag (October 24-26), I will present the approach under the special focus of sustainability (see our paper on Sustainable Competency-Oriented Human Resource Development): how can approaches based on competency ontologies actually be maintained over time. The ideas presented there are a precursor to the research in the MATURE IP.
  • Christine and I were also invited to present an overview of the paradigm of competency-oriented human resource development at the Professional Training Facts 2007 on November 13 at Stuttgart. At the same event, my colleague Simone Braun was also invited to give a talk on social issues in informal learning support.

Although this will mean a lot of traveling, I am looking forward to talk with different communities, get feedback on our work, possibilities to apply them in different companies, and fresh ideas on how to continue our research.